Through Decree-Law No. 36/2014, the Portuguese government created a special call for the admission of International students to higher education that encourages and strengthens Portuguese universities to appeal to foreign students.

Why Study in INP | Instituto Superior Novas Profissões?

The INP was created in 1964, teaching since the following areas that today constitute their degrees: Public Relations and Advertising, and Tourism Advisory Direction and Administration at the time innovative in Portugal.

The INP is a pioneer school, being fair to the regular teaching of new skills for new jobs formed on the one hand a thematic, approaching more Companies, Public Administrations and of the Community, with dynamic comprehensively conducive to economic development and social of our country, while introduced in Higher Education in Portugal new teaching styles.

In 2000 began the lecionação Postgraduate, that define and design a space of scientific and technical courses for graduates and professionals Public Relations and Advertising, Tourism and Management and others who came to the profession through other basic training and who need to broaden and deepen the ways, theoretical knowledge and professional.

Thus, the INP complemented the regular education with postgraduate, which define a space of constant innovation at the level of knowledge necessary for expertise required by the markets.


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Regulation of International Student